Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable Review

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Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable Photo/Video Review


This is a review of the magnetic micro USB cables sold here on  They come in these nice, sealed, and apparently waterproof plastic zip bags.  Just tear the top off and in you go.
You can see the magnetic side of the cables below.  The micro USB connector is on the right, the inset magnetic USB cable portion is on the left.  The micro usb connector sticks out about 2-3MM and as you can see in the rest of the photos, it's profile is not obtrusive.
Here is the "almost ready to connect" shot of my broken (sat on) Kindle.  Just MM after this, the charging cable snapped magnetically to the connector rested in the Kindle and the connection was made.  I was able to pull the cable portion around the table and drag the Kindle so the magnetic connection is rather strong.  The Kindle was too heavy for me to pick it up by the cable but you might be able to pick up a lighter phone with the strength of the magnet.
Here's a little clearer shot of the cable after disconnecting it from the magnetic portion inside the micro USB connection port.
And here you can see the flush, tight connection of the cable.  Note, that once the USB portion is connected to a wall charger or computer/laptop USB port, there is a bright green LED light to show you that the connection is made and that the charge is taking place.
Here's the indicator in action.  Bright, green, and pretty.
That's it for this photo review of the Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cable from  I hope these photos will give you a great idea of exactly what you'll see when your order is delivered.  Thanks for stopping by!



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