New Round Magnetic Micro USB Charging Cables are Available

Posted by Corby Bender on

We’ve partnered with a new distributor and have our hands on a supply of new, round, really amazing magnetic charging cables. What makes them awesome?

  • They’re 3 meters long, which is pretty standard
  • They have a nice glowing blue indicator that signifies power is being delivered
  • They’re nylon braided so they are very durable
  • They’re round! (there's no up or down, right or wrong connection)

But what’s so exciting about this, you may ask? Well, the round connector works with every phone and tablet case we’ve thrown at it! Some of the previous versions of these cables, which we still have available for those interested, are a little wider than what you’ll see in the photos of the new round connection cables. Because of that, we have had some folks return the perfectly working cables because they “won’t fit my phone”. The reality of it, though, is that the cable connector is just too wide for their particular phone case!

The new magnetic round USB charging cables solve this, as the connection is no wider than the USB connector itself. Have a look at the photos below of my own personal cable (one of three I have been testing and absolutely loving! Penny for scale.)

These cables are, for right now, only available with the wildly popular Micro USB connector. I am waiting on my supplier to deliver iPhone/iPad Lightning connectors and hope to have details on these in coming days. I also have requested the newer USB Type C connectors, but as of right now, they are not being produced.






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