Magnetic Micro USB Cables

Magnetic Micro USB Cables

Are you searching for a micro USB magnetic cable for your smartphone or tablet?  At the Magnetic Cables Store, we carry the micro USB magnetic adapter you're looking for.  Never be without a fully charged battery again by using our easy magnetized adapters.  Our magnetic micro USB charging cables are 2.4A and provide fast charging and data syncing for any type of Android phone or Tablet that utilizes the Micro USB format.

What the Magnetic Micro USB Adapter Cable Looks Like

Magnetic Micro USB Cable plugging into a phone

What the Magnetic Charging Cable Micro USB Connector Looks Like

Magnetic Micro USB Cable connector

The micro USB magnetic cable is a handy way to connect your devices in the car, when your attention shouldn't be focused on whether or not you have your cable turned the right way.  As you can see from the photo, the connector plugs right in to your phone and only a small portion of the magnet sticks out.  This is just enough for the cable end's connection to latch onto easily when the magnet gets close enough.  No more broken pins or damaged internal phone components!

History of the Micro USB Cable

The Micro USB connector was first introduced in 2007 and was meant for use with small devices like digital cameras, tablets, and smartphones.  It was designed to withstand 10,000 plug-unplug sessions and became widely used across the tech industry.

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